Lebron still owes NBA fans one last thing before retirement

LeBron James is easily one of the best dunkers the the NBA has ever seen. He’s been defying gravity since the early 2000’s and is still proving today that he’s probably not human. Here he is slamming home the same dunk he did 14 years ago with ease.

Not only is Lebron a complete monster when it comes to dunking a basketball, he has been begged by the league and fans alike for years to compete in the dunk contest. However, joining a game that could potentially hurt the 4-time league MVP has never been something he was willing to risk.

Between the league MVP’s, the Finals Championship MVP’s, winning gold in the Olympics, and many more outrageous accolades, I guess we should give the guy a break for not competing in a game doesn’t stack up to his prior accomplishments. But the days of Lebron winning those high achievements must be numbered at this point.

So now is the time that Lebron gives us what we have all been waiting for- Our last request from “The King”. We want to see him completely demolish the competition in an NBA dunk contest, and what better way to do it than as the oldest dude out there?

After all, he’s the greatest player in the league, and one more trophy at the house couldn’t hurt!

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