“The 5 essential things for Social Media Marketers to remember in 2020″

1. Social Media is Continuing to Grow

According to the 11 data- backed predictions for marketing in 2020, “1 million new people joined social networks every single day in 2017.” This shocking statistic isn’t very shocking considering the amount of users we see today. But don’t think that this rate will slows anytime soon. It is only set to grow.

2. Discovering Products Will Be Done Visually

While we normally think of discovering products through searching and reading about them, statistics now show that 50% of internet actually follow brands on social media that they intend to buy from. This means that shopping is now going to a visual discovery of products.

3. Social Video Will Surpass Social Messaging

There was once a time when FaceTime and Instagram did not include the option to post videos on their sites. Now, they are slowly taking over the way we use these application. This trend is in full force right now and will continue to grow. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, “Over the next few years, the much bigger driver of the business and determinant of how we do is going to be video, not Messenger.” This means that video will slowly start to take over the business end of things as well.

4. Artificial Intelligence Will Be Everywhere

“Artificial intelligence will be everywhere, like electricity,” said Cédric Villani. “AI” is a term that has been growing in our community for a long time and it is getting close to the time when we will start to see it in aspects of our life. This will shift marketing to a “machine first” world.

5. Fake News Will Be Highly Regulated

We have likely all listened to the president rant about his feelings towards “fake news” at one point or another. Luckily for him, and us, this will soon start to become a thing of the past as major media platforms become more regulated to this type of content.

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